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Kingsport Ballet is a regional, semi-professional school and company that thrives on its highly qualified instructors and the ability to stage amazing, full-length ballets. Our students are of all ages and all levels and come from around the region – some students even drive two hours to come take classes here!

Our full-length ballets are big-city worthy and the awesome experience students enjoy at KB is something they take with them when they leave. Through our programs they are able to improve quality of life, and create a trickle down effect whereby the joys gained by the dancers through arts participation in their youth flows over into adulthood, passes on to their families and friends, and in time, makes for lots of inspired arts lovers, doers, and achievers.

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Help provide scholarships and/or equipment for students of all ages

Tuition for beginner student/1yr: $550-$950

Tuition for Intermediate/advanced: $2150-$2800

One year’s worth of equipment (Beg.) $125

One year’s worth of equipment (Int/Adv) $490


Help support community outreach and efforts to include a diverse student base

Free educational workbooks

Free livestreamed performances for schools

Free performances for school groups

Free classes and equipment for after-school programs (i.e. B&GC)

Dance scholarships for Boys

Dance scholarships for underserved students


Help us stage professional quality productions, replace old and worn tutus, and sustain hand-made, original stagings

New Snow tutus (18)

New Waltz tutus (18)

New Soloist tutus (5)

Male Lead costumes (3)

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Support the Arts and Purchase a Specialty License Plate!

If you  purchase of a specialty tag, you are not only supporting the arts in the state of Tennessee, but also right here in East Tennessee! Funds generated by the sale of specialty license plates help provide funding to organizations like Kingsport Ballet – and the sale specifically of arts tags, goes 100% to arts funding!! We are so fortunate in Tennessee to have such a program and we hope YOU will help support it as well. When the arts benefit, we ALL benefit!

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