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Going on Pointe

Learning pointe work requires a dancer to have a solid foundation in technique so that she can apply that technique using pointe shoes. Strong feet (good pointing habits,) strong and sustained use of turnout, holding muscles correctly in the upper body, arms, abdomen, back, glutes, etc. are all essential when working on pointe. Many elements must be in place in order for a dancer to begin pointe work properly and without injury. This curriculum progression,increasing the number of days per week she studies ballet, ensures that a dancer is physically and mentally ready for additional training and more advanced instruction. This readiness is more a condition of physical and technical readiness than chronological age.

This curriculum model is the basis of classical ballet. Dancers progress to taking ballet class four and five and six times per week as they advance, because their level of training demandschallenging physical work and requires dancers to be extremely fit and well conditioned.

At Kingsport Ballet, the level of training we provide in the Vaganova method is correct, and recognized internationally as such. Whether a dancer goes through our program for enjoyment,performing opportunities, college scholarship opportunities or for a future career in dance, we ensure that students receive the best available instruction – providing versatility in other danceforms as well as pre-professional ballet training.

Benefits of a Ballet Education

We know that being a trained ballet dancer inculcates top shelf life skills, which in today’s world are highly valued in any field of work as they have become increasingly rare. Our training teaches a strong work ethic, solid commitment and responsibility habits, the meaning of a contract and the value of following through, the value of hard work, perseverance and a unique understanding of history, culture and art. Additionally, it fosters a positive and nurturing family environment among the dancers along with sportsmanship and team-building skills. And last,but not least, full-time ballet students are recognized by universities across the country as having what it takes to become highly successful students, capable of juggling complicated schedules and demands, and having the flexibility to adapt under pressure. Ballet dancers are recognized as individuals capable of becoming highly successful, productive citizens.