support the arts in our state!

Be an advocate for the arts! Join us in supporting the Tennessee Arts Commission and Tennesseeans for the Arts by purchasing a specialty license plate! All the proceeds of arts tags go to support the arts in our state, and 40% of the sales of any other specialty tag supports arts projects in Tennessee. So if you decide the arts tag is not for you, and you prefer to sport a tag with your favorite university’s logo, or one displaying support of our farms, or even one with a catchy name, you are still supporting the arts in our state!!

We are extremely fortunate in Tennessee to have a method through which arts funding can continue: specialty license plates!! Other states are not so fortunate, and as a result, are seeing cuts to arts funding every year. Organizations like ours are able to continue to do what we do BECAUSE of this program.

Supporting the arts in Tennessee is simple! Simply pre-order the new arts tag and enable its speedy production: